Before you start you will need to ensure your images have been resized and the width is no larger than 900 pixels. The height should be no larger than 750 pixels and set the resolution to 72Dpi

Theres a Youtube tutorial here with a suggested free program if you’re not sure how to do this

Log into your Gallery

Log into your websites admin panel

Once Logged in you will see the following screen:

On the top menu bar click “Components” then “Simple Image Gallery Pro”

The gallery for the gallery page on your website will usually be called “Gallerypage” (unless otherwise specified)

You should see something like the following. Click the “Gallerypage” gallery

You will be presented with a page containing all the current images within your gallery.



Once you’re logged into your Gallery

Click the big green button that says “Add Images”

Drag the images you want to upload from your computer:

You will see your image names appear in the box

To add more files you can drag them in or click “Add Files”

If you’ve dragged everything you want to upload in the just click “Start Upload”

When the files have successfully uploaded you will see a green tick next to them. This means the images have successfully

You will now be able to view the files in your gallery on the gallery page of your website.


To Delete An Image


Once you’re logged into your gallery.

To delete an image just check the checkbox in the top left corner of each image you would like to delete. You will see a tick appear in it and a magenta circle appear around the edge of the image(s) to be deleted.

Now Click “Delete”

Click “OK”

The image has now been deleted.